Warning signs

  • ZO-01 Flammable materials

    ZO-01 Flammable materials

  • ZO-02 Explosion risk

    ZO-02 Explosion risk

  • ZO-03 Toxic material

    ZO-03 Toxic material

  • ZO-04 Corrosive substance

    ZO-04 Corrosive substance

  • ZO-05 Radiation

    ZO-05 Radiation

  • ZO-06 Overhead crane

    ZO-06 Overhead crane

  • ZO-07 Forklift truck

    ZO-07 Forklift truck

  • ZO-08 High voltage

    ZO-08 High voltage

  • ZO-09 General warning

    ZO-09 General warning

  • ZO-10 Laser radiation

    ZO-10 Laser radiation

  • ZO-11 Oxidising

    ZO-11 Oxidising

  • ZO-12 Non-ionising radiation

    ZO-12 Non-ionising radiation

  • ZO-13 Strong magnetic

    ZO-13 Strong magnetic

  • ZO-14 Watch your step / Trip hazard

    ZO-14 Watch your step / Trip hazard

  • ZO-15 Falling danger

    ZO-15 Falling danger

  • ZO-16 Biohazard

    ZO-16 Biohazard

  • ZO-17 Low temperature

    ZO-17 Low temperature

  • ZO-18 Irritant

    ZO-18 Irritant

  • ZO-19 Gas cylinders

    ZO-19 Gas cylinders

  • ZO-20 Battery hazard

    ZO-20 Battery hazard

  • ZO-21 Explosion risk

    ZO-21 Explosion risk

  • ZO-22 Danger cutter

    ZO-22 Danger cutter

  • ZO-23 Danger of entrapment

    ZO-23 Danger of entrapment

  • ZO-24 Danger! Machine

    ZO-24 Danger! Machine

  • ZO-25 Starts automatically

    ZO-25 Starts automatically

  • ZO-26 Hot surface

    ZO-26 Hot surface

  • ZO-27 Risk of hand injury

    ZO-27 Risk of hand injury

  • ZO-28 Slippery surface

    ZO-28 Slippery surface

  • ZO-29 Warning! Guard dog

    ZO-29 Warning! Guard dog

  • ZO-30 Warning! Mind your head

    ZO-30 Warning! Mind your head

  • ZO-31 Warning! Pressurized container

    ZO-31 Warning! Pressurized container

  • ZO-32 Optical radiation

    ZO-32 Optical radiation

  • ZO-33 Sharp elements

    ZO-33 Sharp elements

  • ZO-34 Warning! Elements moving in opposite direction

    ZO-34 Warning! Elements moving in opposite direction

Warning signs can be printed on self-adhesive foil, magnetic foil and PVC. We also use other materials - dibond (aluminum composite sheet), steel sheet or PVC coated with a photoluminescent layer (signs glowing in the dark).

The marks can also be the basis for the preparation of floor marking stencils or placed on hard-wearing self-adhesive floor marking signs. They can also be used as elements of health and safety boards and other visual management systems.