Warning and information signs

Information signs can be manufactured using various materials: self-adhesive film, magnetic foil, PVC, as well as other as specified by the customer. Elmetal carries out each project individually. The information signs affixed on the equipment contain essential information on the equipment and its operation.

Symbols are supplied in sheets with 12 self-adhesive symbols per sheet, each symbol with a diameter of 5 cm (circular) or with a side of 5 cm (triangular). The symbols are printed on PVC foil which has an increased resistance to adverse weather conditions and industrial conditions.

Mirror print labels

High-quality labels printed in a reverse order. The printing is protected with a layer of transparent material which protects it from scratches, mechanical damage and UV radiation.

Magnetic labels

Magnetic labels are an excellent alternative to conventional labels. They are particularly useful in areas where signage is temporary. Once removed, they leave no marks and can be reused. They can carry any text or graphics. Magnetic labels can be used to identify metal elements of machine housing, metal cabinets and racks as well as magnetic dry-wipe boards.


Warning and information signs - materials
Self-adhesive film
Magnetic foil
Anodized aluminium (colour, polished or matt)
Stainless steel