Tank labelling

Tank identification can be ensured by means of PVC signs with information which is either printed or stuck in the form of labels. Signs can carry all types of text, pictograms, company logos, photographs, pictures, etc. There are practically no limits as to the size of the sign, the size and type of the lettering or the amount of information shown on the sign.

The signs can be made in strict accordance with the customer's design. Once the size of the tank, its contents and location are specified, we will propose the best possible design, size and the method of mounting of the sign.

  1. Coloured print
  2. Unusual shape
  3. Self-adhesive
  4. Material: PVC




Recommended text size
 Text size (mm)  17  25  40  80  160  200  400
 Reading distance (m)  5  8  15  24  40  60  120