• Digital printing

    Digital printing tends to be used for more complex graphic designs and in cases where the quantity of printed materials is too low to make screen printing cost effective. The quality of digital and screen printing is comparable. The high quality of print is visible not only in coloured print, but also in the case of black and white text.

  • Engraving

    Plates can be engraved by laser or mechanically (with an engraving cutter). We engrave on PVC laminates, aluminium, stainless steel and other materials, as required. The size of the plate, its design (e.g. rounded corners), the layout of the text, and the holes needed for mounting can be tailored to customer specifications. Elmetal's long-standing experience and the use of the most advanced technological solutions guarantee the highest level of quality and very short turnaround time even for a large number of plates.

  • Installation

    Our qualified fitters are available for installation of the supplied products on site. This provides reliable, neat installation of labelling elements in accordance with formal requirements. Our fitters are highly qualified and experienced in work at industrial facilities. Their equipment facilitates fast and trouble-free installation and they are able to independently operate within industrial premises guided by technical drawings.

  • Screen printing

    Screen printing enables you to print any graphical design in one or more colours on paper, plastic, foil, metal or on objects of different shape and size (ie. directly on equipment, control panels of machines etc.)