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  • Elmetal - labelling and signage for your safety

  • 5S boards

  • Adhesive tape

    Adhesive tape enables plates to be affixed to a flat surface. Depending on type, the tape is resistant to temperatures between - 40oC and +2000C.

  • Alucer plates

    Alucer is a special technology developed by Elmetal, which enables printing on aluminium. It is an excellent alternative to plastic and stainless steel plates. The limited temperature resistance of plastic plates and the inability of placing colour on stainless steel plates make Alucer plates a versatile option.

  • Anti-slip stair nosign

  • Anti-slip tapes

  • Clamps

    Clamps enable the mounting brackets to be affixed to pipelines or equipment components. The brackets are available as finished products with specific dimensions or as a set for individual assembly to specific dimensions.

  • Pipe marking color tape

    Coloured tape

    Pipe marking color tape. The colour of the tape informs about the type of agent flowing through the pipe.

  • Coloured tape with arrows

    Pipe marking colored tape with arrows. Coloured tapes with arrows identify both the type of the agent flowing through the pipeline (colour code) and the direction of its flow (arrow).

  • Pipe marking color tape with arrows and text

    Coloured tape with arrows and text

    Pipe marking color tape with arrows and text. In addition to the type of the medium (colour) and the direction of the flow (arrow), they can also describe the medium in detail. The text is printed to order.

  • Composed plates

    Composed plates comprise a profile with a slide-in insert on which a number, description or other information is printed. Additionally, pictograms, arrows, warning signs and medium-identifying colours can be placed in the profile

  • Control panels

  • Data plates

  • Deformable anti-slip tape

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing tends to be used for more complex graphic designs and in cases where the quantity of printed materials is too low to make screen printing cost effective. The quality of digital and screen printing is comparable. The high quality of print is visible not only in coloured print, but also in the case of black and white text.