Pipeline self-adhesive tapes

A quick and simple way to provide band marking is the use of self-adhesive printed tape which is made of premium-quality film. Tape is available on rolls with the length of 25 m and with the following standard widths: 40, 80, 100, and 160 mm.


Standard colours of pipeline tapes
White   RAL 9003
Yellow   RAL 1023
Red   RAL 3020
Orange   RAL 2008
Violet   no RAL - similar to 4008
Green    RAL 6037
Blue   RAL 5015
Black   RAL 9005
Grey   RAL 7005
Silver   RAL 9006
Brown   RAL 8003




  • Coloured tape

    The colour of the tape informs about the type of agent flowing through the pipe.

  • Coloured tape with arrows

    Coloured tapes with arrows identify both the type of the agent flowing through the pipeline (colour code) and the direction of its flow (arrow).

  • Coloured tape with arrows and text

    In addition to the type of the medium (colour) and the direction of the flow (arrow), they can also describe the medium in detail. The text is printed to order.

  • Multi-coloured tape

    Multi-coloured tape allows you to create characteristic color codes for agents transferred through the pipeline. Through given colour combinations it is possible to obtain a very detailed description of the agent.

  • Multi-function tape

    Manufactured to the design submitted by the customer. This type of tape combines several items of information: colour code, direction flow, description of the medium and warning pictogram.

  • Photoluminescent tape

    Photoluminescent tape is used to label areas of critical importance in premises with poor lighting, in those which are periodically completely dark and along evacuation routes.

  • Reflective tape

    Reflective tape is designed to mark areas which require attention in poor lighting conditions. The special structure of the tape reflects the light falling on it.

  • Tape with pictograms

    Provide warning linked to hazards caused by the medium flowing in the pipes.

  • Transparent tape with arrows

    Transparent tapes are best suited for painted pipelines. They are available as arrows tapes (AT) or text and arrow tapes (TT).

  • Warning tape

    Warning tapes warn against potentially dangerous elements ie. protruding pipes, stairs, a low ceiling, obstacles etc.