• Tablica perforowana ze skrzynkami

    Tablica perforowana ze skrzynkami

LOTO stations and boards

Storage of locks and their accessibility is often underrated, but it is an extremely important aspect of LOTO systems. We offer three solutions that will provide safe storage, as well as easy access to locks: stations, boards and boxes.

  • LOTO boards

    Boards for LOCKOUT locks are useful mainly for food industry applications. Thanks to their design they are easy to wash and depositing of dust or other residues on them is limited to minimum. Thanks to so called "shadows", every lock on the board will be assigned its own space. This will allow quick identification of locks being used and will make storage neat and aesthetic.

  • LOTO boxes

    The LOCKOUT lockbox is used for locking the keys using a group lock.Boxes are made of sheet steel in yellow or red.They may also have a glass door.

  • LOTO stations

    Stations ensure LOTO locks storage, which is both safe and neat. Thanks to so called "shadows" every lock will be assigned its own space, which facilitates identification of locks being used and makes storage neat and aesthetic. Storing locks inside a cabinet helps to maintain them in clean condition (dusty or oil-contaminated environments) and prevents their unauthorized use (locking the cabinet).