Lockout / tagout

What are the advantages of Elmetal's LOTO range of products and services?

Elmetal specialises in the comprehensive implementation of the Lockout / Tagout system. We conduct audits and training workshops, develop procedures and guidance, as well as supply and install signage and lockout devices. We manufacture lockout tags, cabinets and boards according to the specifications and designs of our clients.

The LOCKOUT/TAGOUT system is a planned safety procedure which prevents accidental activation of devices whilst maintenance work or repairs are being carried out. As the name suggests, LOCKOUT/TAGOUT consists of two principal factors:

The process of turning off the energy supply of machinery and equipment and prevention of its accidental and undesirable reconnection. This is possible thanks to the use of lockout devices suitable for this purpose.
A lockout device must be manufactured from strong materials to prevent it from becoming damaged and removed.
There also must be the potential to secure the lockout device with a padlock.

Tagout is a tag which is affixed to a machine alongside the lockout device. It informs about the reason for the lockout device, the person who installed it and the means of contacting that person.
The tag should be made from a durable material to prevent it from being damaged or removed.
It should be affixed to the lockout device in a way which will prevent its accidental removal – typically it is placed on the padlock’s shackle which locks the lockout device (LOCKOUT).