What is Lean?

Lean is a company management strategy. Its theory is to provide clients with products and services they expect while maintaining the appropriate respect for company employees.

Why 5S?

5S is a set of methods and techniques developed to create and maintain a good quality working environment. It also acts as one of the key tools of Lean Manufacturing, which ensures appropriate workplace management and development of company organisational culture. Suitably marked and ergonomic workstations improve safety standards and increase work quality and efficiency.

What is Visual Management?

Visual Management is the provision of legible markings and signage to describe the state of a particular process at any given time and to outline the flow of a process via visual and audible signs. The visual methods include: arrows, descriptions, signs, the Andon system (status light), information boards, instructions or Kanban cards.

Let Elmetal become your partner!

Invite an Elmetal consultant to visit your company! The consultant will provide you with detailed information on the products we offer. Our qualified technicians can help you choose the solutions which suit your requirements. During the visit, you will receive free samples of our products and also all necessary information on cooperation with Elmetal.


  • Hot Points. Special Visual Workplace

    HOT POINTS - special visual workplace - this is our idea for your company to start 2018.

  • Perforated boards 5S

    Perforated boards are made of 1.5 or 2 mm galvanized sheets which are powder coated. They allow for the placement of tools, production equipment or LOTO system components in an organised and preplanned way. These type of boards are also ideal as 5S cleaning stations.