Floor lines and storage area markings

For industry pathway marking we exclusively use professional and tested road marking paints designed for horizontal painting of roads, yards, parking lots, streets and other road and passageway surfaces with a bituminous or concrete wearing surface. These paints have excellent
technical parameters, and are characterised by very good adhesion and visibility in all conditions, both during the day and at night. They are quick-drying and can be applied in many different ways. In view of their intended use, they have excellent wear resistance.


1. Professional design of horizontal marking systems for industrial and service facilities.

2. Marking of storage warehouses and production halls:

  • floor lines
  • hazardous areas markings
  • warning signs around ramps and posts
  • pedestrian and vehicle pathway markings
  • storage areas markings
  • pedestrian crossings
  • areas excluded from traffic, e.g. fire and exit routes
  • standard and special parking spaces (e.g. disabled parking spaces)

3. Removal of old markings:

mechanical (shot-blasting or milling of the flooring surface) - for this purpose, a shot-blasting machine is used, which removes a layer of paint with one millimetre of the flooring surface onto which the old markings had been painted. As this method is quite invasive, it tends to be used in cases when other methods are not successful.

chemical method - the removal of the old markings takes place with the use of a specially prepared remover. The remover becomes absorbed by the paint, allowing for quick removal. As the chemical removal method does not generate dust (in contrast to the mechanical method), it can be used without the necessity to close a particular facility for the duration of the marking removal.