Fixation elements

Elmetal has a wide range of fixation elements used to affix plates and signs to installations. They make the mounting of signage durable, legible and aesthetically pleasing.

Mounting brackets, extension brackets, rivets and clamping arms can be manufactured in three different materials:

  • plastic
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel

In adverse weather conditions or in difficult industrial conditions, the use of double-sided adhesive foam tape is recommended.


The tape is resistant to:

  • temperatures between -40 and +2500C
  • moisture
  • low concentrated acids and bases
  • oils and fats


  • Adhesive tape

    Adhesive tape enables plates to be affixed to a flat surface. Depending on type, the tape is resistant to temperatures between - 40oC and +2000C.

  • Clamps

    Clamps enable the mounting brackets to be affixed to pipelines or equipment components. The brackets are available as finished products with specific dimensions or as a set for individual assembly to specific dimensions.

  • Extension brackets

    Extension bracket guarantees that the marking is legible and aesthetically pleasing, and also enables plates to be affixed in places hidden from view or ones difficult to access.

  • Mounting brackets

    Mounting bracket enables plates to be affixed on pipelines, also with small diameters, and on equipment components. Its versatile shape makes it possible for the bracket to be mounted on a vertical or horizontal pipeline.

  • Rivets


    We offer rivets made of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel.