Evacuation signs

  • ZE-01 First aid

    ZE-01 First aid

  • ZE-02 Stretcher point

    ZE-02 Stretcher point

  • ZE-03 Medical shower

    ZE-03 Medical shower

  • ZE-04 Emergency eye wash

    ZE-04 Emergency eye wash

  • ZE-05 Emergency telephone

    ZE-05 Emergency telephone

  • ZE-06 This way

    ZE-06 This way

  • ZE-07 Medical point

    ZE-07 Medical point

  • ZE-08 Escape route

    ZE-08 Escape route

  • ZE-09 Emergency exit only

    ZE-09 Emergency exit only

  • ZE-10 Emergency exit left

    ZE-10 Emergency exit left

  • ZE-11 Emergency exit right

    ZE-11 Emergency exit right

  • ZE-12 Emergency exit down

    ZE-12 Emergency exit down

  • ZE-13 Emergency exit uo

    ZE-13 Emergency exit uo

  • ZE-14 Emergency route left-down

    ZE-14 Emergency route left-down

  • ZE-15 Emergency route right-down

    ZE-15 Emergency route right-down

  • ZE-16 Emergency route left-up

    ZE-16 Emergency route left-up

  • ZE-17 Emergency route right-up

    ZE-17 Emergency route right-up

  • ZE-18 Exit

    ZE-18 Exit

  • ZE-19 Exit

    ZE-19 Exit

  • ZE-19 Exit door open left

    ZE-19 Exit door open left

  • ZE-19 Exit door open right

    ZE-19 Exit door open right

  • ZE-22 Assembly station

    ZE-22 Assembly station

  • ZE-23 This way

    ZE-23 This way

  • ZE-24 Exit

    ZE-24 Exit

  • ZE-25 Evacuation route left

    ZE-25 Evacuation route left

  • ZE-26 Evacuation route right

    ZE-26 Evacuation route right

  • ZE-27 Smash glass

    ZE-27 Smash glass

Evacuation signs can be printed on self-adhesive foil, magnetic foil and PVC. We also use other materials - dibond (aluminum composite sheet), steel sheet or PVC coated with a photoluminescent layer (signs glowing in the dark).

The marks can also be the basis for the preparation of floor marking stencils or placed on hard-wearing self-adhesive floor marking signs. They can also be used as elements of health and safety boards and other visual management systems.