Coloured tape

The colour of the tape informs about the type of agent flowing through the pipe. These colours are regulated by commonly applicable standards and in-house regulations.


Coloured tapes
Colour Roll width (mm)
40 80 100 160
White CT040-010  CT080-010 CT100-010  CT160-010 
Yellow CT040-021   CT080-021  CT100-021  CT160-021
Red  CT040-031   CT080-031  CT100-031  CT160-031
Orange  CT040-035   CT080-035  CT100-035  CT160-035
Violet  CT040-040   CT080-040  CT100-040  CT160-040
Green  CT040-062   CT080-062  CT100-062  CT160-062
Blue  CT040-052   CT080-052  CT100-052  CT160-052
Black  CT040-070   CT080-070  CT100-070  CT160-070
Silver  CT040-090   CT080-090  CT100-090  CT160-090
Brown  CT040-801   CT080-801  CT100-801  CT160-801